Interested in gaining more in-dept knowledge on the ethics of markets? On our new book page you will get plenty of ideas on what to read. It lists only about a dozen books now, but we will regularly add more.

Books included will cover different topics (from the thinking of Adam Smith to the ethics of financial markets) and different political views (conservatism, neoliberalism, socialism). So the page will be a great resource if you would like to get out of your personal ‘filter bubble.’

For each book we aim to provide you not just with the back cover description, but also with extra information:

  • The table of contents, to get a better idea of what the book is about
  • Key passages from reviews (and links to the full review)
  • Various helpful links to
    • the book on GoodReads and retailer websites
    • the author’s webpage
    • the preview on Google books
    • and more

This enables you to choose the book that is best for your interests and learning needs. We wish you a fruitful reading experience!

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