Why Capitalism Wins. And How a Simple Accounting Move Can Defeat It

“I believe the real strength of capitalism stems from the theory of value it has imposed on society. The theory can be summed up as follows: value is only created through market transactions, which are always positive for the economy. The rest – like social costs and ecological impacts – doesn’t matter. […] even socialist systems largely accepted capitalism’s accounting approach, ultimately failing to beat capitalism at its game.”

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How Economists Turned Corporations into Predators

“In a new INET paper featured in the Financial Times, economist William Lazonick lays out a theory about how corporations can work for everyone – not just a few executives and Wall Streeters. He challenges a set of controversial ideas that became gospel in business schools and the mainstream media starting in the 1980s. He sat down with INET’s Lynn Parramore to discuss.”

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Why Nation-States are Good

“Markets need regulatory and legitimising institutions to thrive – consumer-safety rules, bank regulations, central banks, social insurance and so on. When it comes to providing the arrangements that markets rely on, the nation-state remains the only effective actor, the only game in town. Our elites’ and technocrats’ obsession with globalism weakens citizenship where it is most needed – at home”

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