About the ‘Good Markets’ Research Project

What Good Markets are Good for is a research project on morality and markets that is running from early 2017 until the end of 2019. The guiding hypothesis (the ‘Big Thesis’) that this project sets out to corroborate is:

societies with free-market economies flourish because and in so far as the key market actors (states, businesses and individuals) respect morality, and act virtuously

The project is a joint initiative of four Dutch universities and involves researchers from economics, philosophy and theology. It received funding from the Templeton World Charity Foundation. Project description

The video’s below were not made by the project, but nevertheless give a quick introduction to key questions and topics that this project will address as well. Each video / blog posts corresponds to one of our sub-projects. Or go directly to the sub-projects descriptions to read more.

The Templeton-funded project What Good Markets are Good for created the Moral Markets website. However, the site does not just serve to communicate research results, but aims to be a platform for anybody working on or interested in the same topic (see the site mission).

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