We welcome blog posts, academic news and event announcements which contribute to the site mission.

General submission & publication policy

Please be aware of the following:

  • All blog posts / news items / event announcements must be submitted through an on-line form (see buttons below). At the moment this can be done in two languages: Dutch and English.
  • If you have your content available in both languages, please submit the English version through the form and  send us the Dutch translation at [email protected].
  • The site’s editorial team reviews all submissions. We may suggest editorial changes as a condition for publication.
  • We may reject a submission without further explanation if (a) it does not meet our quality standards or (b) does not sufficiently fit with the focus of the site.
  • Copyright remains with the submitting person/organization.

Before making your first contribution: please consult the tabs below for extra info per submission type .

Two ways to contribute

Each item will include a clear mention (with link) to the submitting person / organisation. There are two ways in which items can appear on our site:

  1. The item in question is fully published on the Moral Markets site;
  2. The Moral Markets site refers to it as an external item (i.e. clicking the item’s title takes the visitor to an external webpage opening in a new browser tab).

Reasons to publish directly on Moral Markets

Over time – Moral Markets was launched in April 2017 – we hope to establish a growing network of people and organisations publishing relevant, high-quality content directly on our site. Our preference is thus for the first option and therefore:

  • Publishing directly on our site increases your chances that your contribution is accepted
  • Authors/organisations who regularly publish on our site have the opportunity to be included in our contributor directory

Submission forms

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