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Just Giving and Just Taking: an Aristotelian Approach to Modern Problems of Inequality, Insatiety and Consumerism.

Owen Kelly

In a capitalist economy – maybe in any economy – the creation, measurement, storage and exchange of material wealth are the drivers of economic activity and much else besides. I argue that Aristotle’s ideas about justice and what it means to act justly in relation to the acquisition and disposal of wealth can be reinterpreted in ways that are practically useful.

Rethinking Economics

Ilse Oosterlaken

This organisation is campaigning for the reform of economics curricula, but at the same time aims to democratize economics. According to the organisation rethinking economics matters as it will “benefit the discipline”, “combat climate change and poverty” and “improve democracy.”

Is It Really about the Invisible Hand?

External site

An interview with prof. Bas van Bavel, distinguished professor of Transitions of Economy and Society at Utrecht University, on his book “Invisible Hand? How Market Economies have Emerged and Declined Since AD 500″

Also available in: nlNederlands

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