Moral Markets site mission

Moral Markets is a portal to quality inputs for public debate on the conditions under which free markets truly contribute to human flourishing. It is meant as a source of information and inspiration for business professionals, policy makers, students and researchers. The site draws on research in economics, philosophy and theology, but also accepts quality contributions from non-researchers.

The website Moral Markets was created as part of the research project What Good Markets are Good for, but is explicitly not merely a channel to communicate its research results. The site mission – see above – is broader than that, meaning that the Good Markets project is merely one contributor to the Moral Markets website.

Moral Markets is not connected to a specific political party or religious institution and is open to a wide range of views on the topic. Views expressed in news items / blog posts / event announcements are those of the contributing individual(s) / organization(s) and are not necessarily supported by the site’s editorial team, the Good Markets¬†research project or any of the individual researchers involved in the project.

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