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Moral Markets is a source of information and inspiration for business professionals, policy makers, students and researchers. It is a portal to quality blogs / news / events / online resources that help them critically reflect on free markets, ethics and well-being (and on the role of business, virtues, institutions and economics education). The site draws on research in economics, philosophy and theology, but also accepts quality contributions from non-researchers. In addition to publishing original content, the site points visitors to interesting content from around the web.

The website Moral Markets was created as part of the research project What Good Markets are Good for, but is explicitly not merely a channel to communicate its research results. The site mission – see above – is broader than that, meaning that the Good Markets project is merely one contributor to the Moral Markets website. Moral Markets is not connected to a specific political party or religious institution and is open to a wide range of views on the topic. Views expressed in news items / blog posts / event announcements are those of the contributing individual(s) / organization(s) and are not necessarily supported by the site’s editorial team, the Good Markets¬†research project or any of the individual researchers involved in the project. How to contribute

Editorial team

Govert Buijs
Prof. dr. Govert Buijs

Leader research project / editor-in-chief site (philosopher)

[email protected]
+31 20 59 86683

Johan Graafland
Prof. dr. Johan Graafland

Co-leader research project / associate editor site (economist & theologist)

[email protected]
+31 13 466 2707

Ilse Oosterlaken
Dr. ir. Ilse Oosterlaken

Managing editor / content manager site (generalist)

[email protected]
+31 20 59 84508

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