1) What Really Motivates People to Be Honest in Business | Alexander Wagner | TEDx (2017)

Each year, one in seven large corporations commits fraud. Why? To find out, economist and researcher Alexander Wagner takes us inside the economics, ethics and psychology of doing the right thing. Join him for an introspective journey down the slippery slopes of deception as he helps us understand why people behave the way they do.

2) Building Business on Character Ethic | Kevin Byrne | TEDxNoviSad (2012)

What are the foundations of a successful business? Kevin Byrne shares lessons from his own experience, explaining the importance of vision and values. He would always start with the end in mind, nurturing people instead of growing business.

After a huge storm in the UK in the late ’90s, Kevin Byrne started a company Checkatrade to help people avoid cowboy builders. He built his company from scratch and today, he is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the UK, and one of the bearers of the Olympic torch in London 2012.

3) Creating Ethical Cultures in Business | Brook Deterline | TEDxPresidio (2012)

As Corporate Director for the Heroic Imagination Project (HIP), Brooke helps boards, executives, and teams at all levels develop the skills to act with courage and ingenuity in the face of challenging situations. This fosters leadership credibility and candor, builds trust, engagement and reduces risk.

Series "TEDx Talks on Ethics & Economics":

Have you got 10 to 20 minutes left for a boost of knowledge or inspiration? Watch one of the TEDx talks that we selected for you in the area of ethics and economics. All videos, filterable by topic, can also be found at http://www.moralmarkets.org/resources/tedx-talks/

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