1) Building A Big, Bold, Beautiful Market | Eleni Gabre-Madhin | TEDxWBG (2014)

Economist and business woman Eleni Gabre-Madhin describes building a big, bold, beautiful market for a billion people in Africa. This market would improve the livelihoods of millions of small farmers and traders. She has done this successfully in Ethiopia and is started to branch out across Africa. She believes this idea will help end poverty in Africa.

Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin is co-founder and chief executive of eleni LLC, a newly formed company with equity investments by Morgan Stanley, IFC, and 8 Miles Fund, that is positioned to be the industry leader in designing, building, and supporting the operations of commodity exchange eco-systems in frontier markets. The company’s business model is to deliver exchange turnkey projects on a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) basis.

2) Why We Shouldn’t Trust Markets with Our Civic Life | Michael Sandel | TEDx (2013)

In the past three decades, says Michael Sandel, the US has drifted from a market economy to a market society; it’s fair to say that an American’s experience of shared civic life depends on how much money they have. Three key examples: access to education, access to justice, political influence. In a talk and audience discussion, Sandel asks us to think honestly on this question: In our current democracy, is too much for sale?

Michael Sandel teaches political philosophy at Harvard University. His writings – on justice, ethics, democracy, and markets – have been translated into 27 languages. 

3) Why the Free Market Works | Arik Schneider | [email protected] (2017)

Arik Schneider introduces us to the basics of what the free market is and how it works. Key words: competition, product quality, price, consumer choice, freedom.

Arik Schneider is an accomplished high school speaker and Young American’s for Freedom Chairman. Arik lives in Fullerton, California with his family.


4) Make Government Great Again | Bas Heijne | TEDxMaastricht (2017)

Does firing nurses to hire more administrative staff in a hospital really sound like the best use of funds? Does privatisation and a competitive market always end up with a win for the consumer? Sander Heijne delves into these questions to highlight the complexities and shortcomings of red tape.

Heijne is a research journalist, historian and entrepreneur. He worked for the editorial economy of the Volkskrant (a Dutch quality newspaper) for five years, where he developed a fascination for the effect of bureaucratic systems on our everyday existence. His research into this area will be amalgamated into a book of the marketing and privatization of the public sector in the Netherlands, published in 2017.


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